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say goodnight to hana is the worst part of my day

craig is such a fantastic addition to parks and rec plz leave if you disagree


any truck can be a monster truck if it makes fun of your insecurities

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remember when i spent four days writing? remember how i had a routine set in place that made me so happy? [wake up, check tumblr while eating breakfast, walk the dog, update myself on tumblr one more time, write for four - five hours, kiss husband when he gets home] remember when i was literally 100% happy for four full days?

that time is over. today i had a headache by the time i got home from work and had to lie in bed for two hours, getting no writing done.

on the upside, a child made me some art over the long weekend and another child’s mom told me her daughter said i was her favorite teacher

Sir, do you realize you’re not drinking regular coffee, but Colombian Decaffeinated Coffee Crystals? -

Schillervision Hidden Camera Commercials

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when your husband reblogs a ruth bader ginsburg quote

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