OMG Caity.

I refuse to answer how sex works because we know how it works, yes even you, because the basic science behind the whole thing is really all that you can really explain. There’s emotional shit that goes with it, blah blah blah, I suppose but YOU KNOW THIS ANSWER.

What is sex like? It’s hard to say because it is different every time. Even now, when I regularly have sex with the same person, it is different. For me, sex always had a good launching off point. No one forced me to do anything I was uncomfortable with, my first time was mutually wanted and was great and he was nice about the whole thing even if we didn’t plan on doing it. I thin that helped me be happy with sex for forever. From day one, stuff was good, stuff was mutual and awesome. I think that helped me a lot. I say find someone who isn’t an asshole and ride that shit out and hope for the best. If it sucks, laugh about it. It’s just sex. (I know it’s not JUST sex to everyone, but this is me so) If I could say what sex is liek in one word, I would say: skin. I don’t know. It came to me just now.

Penises can be gross. I think a penis is a penis, but something changes when you want to fuck it or when you love the person connected to it. Then it becomes something entirely different. If you just want to fuck that person then it becomes something to help you do just that and if you love the person attached to it, then you love it. At least in my experience this is true. As for what to do with it, be nice to it but also go to town. When I was a newly sex-ing person, I asked for feedback and that helped things move along. if you ask for feedback, he should also be willing to take some which is great for when he is dong shit to your puss or whatever. A dude said to me once “It’s good, but you can move faster.” SWEET BRO THANKS. That guy kind of sucked though because he never touched me and I touched him plenty of times. DO NOT GIVE A MAN YOUR TIME WHO WILL NOT RECIPROCATE.


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